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Contact No. +977-1-5421079, 5428604
Location Lalitpur-10, Kupondole,Nepal
Name Designation Division/Section Extension
1) Mr. Surya Prasad Silwal Chairman 123
2)  Mr. Raju Raman Paudel Executive Director 443
3) Mr. Kamal Raj Regmi Director Management Information System and License Division 106
4) Mr. Susil Dev Subedi Director Supervision, Agriculture & Micro Insurance, Re-Insurance/ Research Division 104
5) Ms. Pujan Dhungel Adhikari Director Human Resource and Insurance Policy Division 165
6) Mr. Dinesh Kumar Lal Director Legal and Regulation Division
7) Mr. Kundan Sapkota Deputy Director License and MIS Section 113
8) Mr. Dhruba Timilsina Deputy Director Regulation Section 109
9) Mr. Shamba Raj Lamichchhane Deputy Director (Legal) Legal/Claim/Ujuri/AML Section 111
10) Mr. Nirmal Adhikari Deputy Director Human Resource Section 242
11) Mr. Keshav Prasad Dahal Deputy Director Beruju/Airmark 112
12) Mr. Birodh Bhatta Deputy Director (Legal) Legal Section 204
13) Ms. Nisha Ghimire Deputy Director Account Section 121
14) Ms. Punam Gyawali Shrestha Deputy Director Agriculture & Micro Insurance, Re-Insurance/ Research Section 110
15) Mr. Santosh Karki Deputy Director (CA)  Offsite Inspection Section 108
16) Ms. Laxmi Dhakal Deputy Director Insurance Policy Section 114
17) Mr. Gopal Pangeni Chartered Accountant Onsite Inspection Section 208
18) Mr. Jyoti Prakash Pandey Chartered Accountant Onsite Inspection Section 210
19) Mr. Birod Wagle Chartered Accountant Offsite Inspection Section 115
20) Mr. Devendra Dhital Chartered Accountant 213
21) Mr. Milan Sigdel Chartered Accountant 213
22) Ms. Kusum Sharma Assistant Director Regulation Section 119
23) Mr. Om Bahadur Adhikari Assistant Director License & MIS Section 132
24) Mr. Pradip Gautam Assistant Director Onsite Inspection Section 206
25) Mr. Rajendra Maharjan Assistant Director Re-Insurance & Research 103
26) Mr. Padam Prasad Sodari Assistant Director Offsite Inspection Section 129
27) Ms. Sunita Kumar Karki Assistant Director Human Resource Section 153
28) Mr. Purna Bahadur Thapa Assistant Director MIS Section 217
29) Mr. Hreedayaswor Pandit  Assistant Director (Legal) Legal/Claim/Ujuri/AML Section 127
30) Mr. Binod Kumar Pokharel Assistant Director Human Resource Section 128
31) Mr. Shambhu Prasad Mishra  Assistant Director Regulation Section 130
32) Ms. Jamuna Aryal Acharya  Assistant Director Onsite Inspection Section 211
33) Ms. Gita Acharya  Assistant Director Account Section 207
34) Ms. Pushpa Kunwar  Assistant Director Insurance Policy Section 133
35) Mr. Nischal Raj Baaniya  Assistant Director Regulation Section 142
36) Mr. Rishi Ram Pandit  Assistant Director Onsite Inspection Section 209
37) Ms. Nirmala Malla  Assistant Director Offsite Inspection Section 137
38) Ms. Sunita Thapa Magar  Assistant Director Research 161
39) Mr. Ram Koju  Assistant Director Onsite Inspection Section 160
40) Ms. Shraddha Shrestha  Assistant Director Agriculture Insurance 140
41) Ms. Preeti Deo  Assistant Director Micro Insurance 218
42) Ms. Ranjeeta K.C.  Assistant Director (Legal) Legal Section 205
43) Ms. Sabita Thapa Assistant Director (Legal) Legal/Claim/Ujuri Section 122
44) Mr. Kedar Nath Bhatta  Assistant Director Chairman’s Secretariat 123
45) Ms. Merina Nepali  Assistant Director Insurance Policy Section 116
46) Ms. Arya Rawal  Assistant Director Account Section 117
47) Ms. Maunata Dhaubanjar  Assistant Director (Legal) Legal/Claim/Ujuri Section 131
48) Mr. Kalikant Jha  Assistant Director License Section 118
49) Ms. Sita Pandey  Assistant Director Onsite Inspection Section 218
50) Mr. Milan Raj Nepali  Information Technology(IT) Officer Human Resource Section/IT 135
51) Mr. Basant Prasad Bohara Statistician MIS Section 215
52) Mr. Dinesh Kumar Bhatta IT Officer Human Resource Section/IT 135
53) Mr. Tek Raj Pandeya  Senior Assistant Account Section 124
54) Mr. Sundar Prasad Sharma  Senior Assistant Onsite Inspection Section 219
55) Mr. Deepak Gyawali  Senior Assistant Onsite Inspection Section 212
56) Mr. Anurag Pandey  Senior Assistant Re-Insurance Section 220
57) Ms. Anjana Sharma  Senior Assistant Offsite Inspection Section 137
58) Mr. Lok Prasad Kafle  Senior Assistant Executive Director’s Secretariat 443
59) Ms. Sushma Paudel  Senior Assistant Human Resource Section 244
60) Mr. Shyam Sundar Nagarkoti  Senior Assistant License Section 118
61) Mr. Shiva Prasad Khanal  Senior Assistant Human Resource Section 200/0
62) Mr. Krishna Raj Adhikari Computer Technician Human Resource Section/IT
63) Mr. Bal Bahadur Bohara Driver
64) Mr. Sanu Kaji Kunwar Driver
65) Mr. Jit Prasad Mahato Driver
66) Mr. Raju Sharma Driver
67) Mr. Rajendra Khatiwada Office Helper
68) Mr. Prabhu Nath Ojha Office Helper
69) Mr. Ganesh Raj Pandey Office Helper
70) Mr. Baikuntha Ghimire Office Helper
71) Mr. Hari Bahadur Subedi Office Helper
72) Mr. Hariram Shrestha Office Helper
73) Mr. Dipak Pyakurel Office Helper
74) Mr. Hari Krishna Pode Sweeper
75) Mr. Dhruba Kumar Khadka Gardener
76) Ms. Sharmila Thing Office Helper


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