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14 Oct 18

Dashain Greetings Exchange Program and Inauguration of Beema Samiti Official Website by Chiranjibi Chapagain, Chairman of Beema Samiti – Insurance Regulatory Authority of Nepal

BEEMA SAMITI, the Insurance Regualtory Authority of Nepal, organized Dashain Greetings Exchange and New website Inauguration program which was held at Beema Samiti Hall, Kupandole, Lalitpur on October 14th, 2018. The program was chaired by Mr. Chiranjibi Chapagain, Chairman of Beema Samiti. Attendees also included CEOs of Insurance Company, respected Senior Officials from Beema Samiti as well as the Division Heads from Beema Samiti. Amongst Greetings exchange and other agendas discussed, Mr. Raju Raman Paudel, Officiating Executive Director briefed about the performance report of Beema Samiti till date this year.

Chairman of Beema Samiti, Mr. Chiranjibi Chapagain inaugurated the Beema Samiti official website. The task of redesigning and hosting of website was completed, with vigor & assiduousness,by the IT Team of Assistant Director Mr. Milan Raj Nepali (Head of IT).Beema Samiti old website was originally designed approximately a decade back as a static website (There are three types of websites: STATIC, DYNAMIC AND ACTIVE).It means that the data/information was static/ fixed and was not real time updated automatically. Also the Beema Samiti website was in English/Nepali Language only, and not Bi-lingual, without any Content Management System (CMS) or Database support of any kind. The website was being hosted on an open In-House Server which had only a primitive security system.

Mr. Milan Raj Nepali, Asssistant Director (Head of IT) explained the salient features of the new website, which has the following improvements:

● A completely new and user friendly Interface with appropriately included metadata for each page, right in the source code.
● Multi-lingual versions of the website; currently Bi-lingual (Nepali is under construction) complying with the Govt. of Nepal Guidelines.
● A responsive website (i.e. easily viewable in all font sizes) and the electronic page prints correctly on normal A4 size paper.
● A contact us form connected with the database for user connectivity directly, instead through e-mails.
● The website works in all major browsers as well as operating systems.
● A copyright policy of the website is prominently displayed on the footer. The website also has
a privacy policy, comprehensive Terms and Conditions Statement, as well as the Association to Government is explicitly displayed by using Emblems/Logos.
● All functionality of the website is operable both by Mouse as well as keyboard.
● Website has a “Help Section”, “Link/Search”, and “Skip to Content” facilitations as well as an up
to date “Sitemap” for easing user navigation.
● Website also has an envisaged Content Management System (CMS) with Database support for evolving a CMS system in future. Presently the skeleton structure of the CMS is ready and the populating of updated data is in process by the Beema Samiti IT staff.
● In addition to this, the Beema Samiti website hosting has been relocated to National Information Technology Center (NITC), Government of Nepal Servers in compliance to Government of Nepal’s guidelines and also improving security and traffic volume handling abilities.